Simply Delivery / Helix Courier Limited

On December 1, 2018, Simply Delivery became part of London’s Helix Courier Limited.  Simply’s owner Cal Simpson and the Simply Delivery broker-drivers have joined our Helix team and we have extended our warmest welcome to everyone.

We are also pleased to welcome all Simply Delivery customers.  We are now serving everyone under the Helix Courier banner and thank everyone for their cooperation during the transition and for allowing us to welcome these new friends to Helix. 

Over a period of time, this Simply Delivery website will be phased out.  Please make note of the Helix Courier Limited website at  If you have been using Simply’s internet order system, please note that the links to the Online Order Entry system now go to the corresponding Helix system, which has additional features to help you.  The Helix system ‘remembers’ destinations and some other data and will save time and effort.  As soon as you submit your order, it appears on our dispatcher’s screen and doesn’t have to go through an email first.  You will need to set up a user account to use our system.  Please contact us for help the first time and after that you will be able to use all available features without problem.

We listen to our customers and are always happy to hear from you.  Please direct any comments or questions to our Helix Courier Limited Office Manager, Sharon Coll at 519 453 0501

We promise to work very hard to earn and keep your trust. 

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